Hydraulic Hoses & Supplies



We can present you with a choice of adapters made from steel and stainless steel. We specialise in tube compression fittings, metric fittings and BSPP fittings. 



We hold a selection of hydraulic hoses ideal for high pressure uses for optimal high-pressure fluid power application on both mobile and fixed machinery



We can offer you a choice of hose and cramp fittings including standard series, JJ, BW, 71, 43 and R5 series. We can also present you with field attachables.


We can present you with a  wide array of hydraulic accessories including valves, O-ring kits and oil coolers. 

Our oil coolers are ideal for a variety of uses that are suitable for a range of unique needs. When it comes to our O-ring kits, these can be used to create leak-proof seals around adapters for a range of hydraulic applications. They can be used to replace ageing seals or insert new seals into hydraulic fittings. 

Our selection of valves includes gate, check, ball, instrumentation and stainless steel valves at unbeatable prices.

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